South Australia's Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan - Consultation Draft

For the first time, a waste infrastructure plan has been prepared for South Australia and each of its regions. This consultation draft presents all available information and data to project future waste flows and maps existing waste and resource recovery infrastructure by major types. It also identifies potential future infrastructure needs and investment opportunities and provides intelligence for industry which will assist in informing investment decisions.

We invite input from stakeholders in the waste and resource recovery sector, local government and the community. Feedback received will be used to develop the final plan, ensuring that is has accurate information to assist industry and government with waste and resource recovery planning and decision making. 

When preparing your submission, please provide reasons for your comments, supported by relevant factual information/data you wish to provide and give details of the source. Please also include the following information with your submissions: your name; organisation and position; postal address; and contact details – telephone number and email address.

Written and email submissions period now closed.

 Download the draft consultation of South Australia's Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan. (PDF, 2.9Mb)


Submissions will be treated as public documents, unless received in confidence subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1991, and may be quoted in full or part in subsequent reports.

Waste Projection and Economic Assessment

This document was developed as a South Australian waste flow projection model to support the development of the consultation draft South Australia's Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan which will track and project future solid waste flows over the next 30 years until 2045 and identify capacity gaps and the associated infrastructure needs. 

 Download the Waste Projection and Economic Assessment Final Report (PDF, 1.8Mb)