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Local Government

Zero Waste SA supports South Australia’s councils with funding to introduce improved kerbside recycling collection systems and to develop a co-ordinated approach towards waste management in regional areas. 

Councils introducing three bin systems with the assistance of funding from Zero Waste SA have led to an increase in recycling from 25% to 50% in three years.

The kerbside collection of food waste represents the next major milestone. Ten councils were selected to work with Zero Waste SA in a pilot program to reduce food waste. Read more about the Food Waste Pilot.

Most regional councils in South Australia have, with substantial funding from Zero Waste SA, developed or almost completed regional waste management plans which provide a blueprint for infrastructure and services across the state. Read about the Regional Implementation Program.

Recycle Right tours for council staff and elected members  

Zero Waste SA in partnership with the LGA is holding one-day recycling workshops for council staff and elected members. The workshops include a tour of a landfill transfer station and facilities for compost processing and recycling for paper and cardboard, plastics, glass, aluminium cans, e-waste and soft plastics. All council staff and elected members are encouraged to attend the Recycle Right workshop. For more information see the LGA site at



Zero Waste SA has produced a range of resources to assist local government waste and sustainability educators including an image gallery, fact sheets and a searchable list of Recycling Locations, as well as the Recycle Right search engine to educate residents on what goes in which bin. You can also find answers to our top three waste questions – fluoros, e-waste and batteries.