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E-waste: Plugging in to solutions for unwanted tvs and computers

What can we do with unwanted and unloved televisions and computers? There are several options. Some South Australian councils offer e-waste recycling options as part of their existing services. The new National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme provides householders and small business with access to free drop-off services for televisions and computers. This new scheme is funded by the television and computer industry and builds on existing recycling efforts by councils, charities and other organisations.

Items that will be accepted for free regardless of the brand or age include: televisions (analog, LCD, flat screens), computer monitors, computer towers and printers, scanners, keyboards, mice. There are also e-waste recycling businesses in Adelaide that charge a fee.See our search engine for options near you or check out our e-waste fact sheet. If you are waiting for a free service to operate closer to where you live store your e-waste out of the weather. You can also check with your local second-hand shop or charity to see if they will take the items (in working order). Please do not leave the items at the charity shop’s front door without checking if they will accept the item first.

Did you know?
South Australia is the first state to ban sending televisions and computers to landfill. The ban started on 1 September 2012 in metropolitan Adelaide with the rest of the state following in 2013. Since 2009 Zero Waste SA has worked with councils to support free e-waste drop-off events and support electronics waste recycling by providing grants for infrastructure.