Green Industries SA

Why are we called the Office of Green Industries SA – Zero Waste SA?

On 1 July 2015, following a proclamation under the Public Sector Act 2009, the name of the department that supports Zero Waste SA (the Office of Zero Waste SA) was changed to the Office of Green Industries SA. The Zero Waste SA Act 2004 remains operational while work has started on the legislation to establish the new statutory authority, Green Industries SA. 

What will Green Industries SA do?

It will build on the achievements of Zero Waste SA in the areas of waste management, resource efficiency and recycling, with an emphasis on encouraging innovation and economic growth through development of the Green Economy. For more information read the Green Industries SA consultation paper and  South Australia's Waste Strategy 2015-20.
What happens to the work of Zero Waste SA?

South Australia is recognised for its leading-edge work in the area of waste management, resource efficiency and  recycling. Zero Waste SA has been a catalyst in shaping this reputation for more than a decade. Zero Waste SA continues until the new legislation to establish Green Industries SA is passed. Read the Zero Waste SA business plan and the draft South Australia Waste Strategy 2015-20 for more information.

Where is there more information about the work of the Office of Green Industries SA – Zero Waste SA?

The 2015-16 Zero Waste SA business plan outlines activities to support the work of the agency as it transitions to Green Industries SA. The work program addresses the following objectives:

  • To work with businesses, governments and the environmental sector to keep South Australia at the forefront of green innovation in the waste, recycling and resource recovery sectors.
  • To deliver on reduced waste to landfill and increase the State's capacity for recycling.