Adelaide Airport and Zero Waste SA

Airport recycling program cuts landfill departures

A 2009 KESAB Environmental Solutions audit outlined the scale of the challenge. In just one year an estimated 689 tonnes of waste was being sent to landfill from the terminal and an additional 29 tonnes from airport offices and the maintenance compound.

Adelaide Airport Limited turned to Zero Waste SA's Industry Program which helped fund a waste contract review.

"A template was developed to list our various requirements so that we could compare apples with apples and find a contractor which best suited our needs," says Adelaide Airport Limited Environment Officer Renae Eden.

The airport estimates the new streamlined waste management system will save it about $20,000 every year. And through its various recycling initiatives the airport aims to increase the rate of recycling per passenger by 25% of 2009 levels by 2014.

Read the Adelaide Airport case study (PDF, 974Kb)