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Wipe Out Waste - a Model Educational Program

Developed by Zero Waste SA, WOW  aims to encourage schools to reduce waste and raise student awareness about waste recycling and disposal. It is the first program in Australia which spans kindergartens through to primary and secondary schools.

It is amazing to think that almost half of the material that ends up in bins at South Australian schools could be composted, recycled or reused! This statistic is backed up by results from solid waste audits conducted in 10 South Australian schools in 2005.

So, if you are a student, teacher, principal, parent or anyone interested in reducing the amount of waste your local school produces then this page is for you! 

WOW consists of a school resource folder with CD ROM, the website http://www.wow.sa.gov.au and training workshops for teachers being held throughout the state.


WOW aims to target the majority of the State to raise awareness of the program, assist in establishing local support networks and strengthen links between council and industry.

Zero Waste SA appreciates the assistance of the South Australian Department for Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Environmental Education Unit and the Gould Group (Victoria) as well as many teaching staff from schools across South Australia and  coordinators of school waste programs from across Australia who have provided advice and support


Click here to visit the WOW website http://www.wow.sa.gov.au or contact Jo Hendrikx at KESAB environmental solutions on telephone 08 8234 7255